1. I realized, this one was never posted.

    I knew how much I would miss you if you left, But I didn’t think it would hurt this bad. You’ve made your mark on me, Sunk in so deep, carved into my bones. I wonder if you’ll even remember me, Or remember me how I wish you would, how I used to be. I realize I felt fragile and ran to you when you said not to…But it hurts so bad now that you’re gone, And I try not to but all I can do is blame myself. And for the rest of my life you’ll be the one who got away. I feel happy with my life every now and again, but in my happiest moments I still wish to see you again. And in those moments I wish I could share with you, but you’re completely gone and I really don’t know what to do. I’m staying strong, saying it was meant to be this way, but the music I listen to, I can hear you in every song that plays. I wish I could go back in time to fix our acts, I know though that we can never go back. Sometimes as the days go by, I wonder more than ever, who am I? With you it felt so real, I felt so sure, but without you here I know, no more. I begged for your forgiveness but you pushed me away, saying that our friendship didn’t go both ways. I fell in love with you, this you never knew, but it was a secret because I knew you never loved me too. You once told me that you didn’t see a future with me, I just wish I could have changed that somehow, maybe if I did, it would be different now. I still hold your pictures near, afraid to let them go. For I don’t want you just to disappear, to completely lose the glow. I miss you so dearly I just want you to come back, I know in life we lose people to keep us on track, but this still hurts so intensely that I know it wasn’t meant to happen this way, but there’s no changing what happened because there was nothing we could do when we began to fray.

  2. Tattoo by Geoffrey at Heroes and Villains.

  3. He is total bliss,
    Though I’ve said this a few times before, this time I can feel it, feel it in my bones that this is different, this is true. Every kiss is refreshing and gravity defying. The world around us muted in the background and fades away as we enrich one another in ways beyond thoughts. 
    Different before, we’re much better together. Happiness engulfs us with every moment, moments that could never last long enough. His touch is sensational, his laugh is indulging. Honest and passionate, every second better than the last. Laying in bed, sitting on rooftops, staring at the stars, blissful in every way imaginable and in ways that could never be dreamt.

    He is total bliss.

  4. I just really wanted to post this, the look on my little rascals face when she sees me was priceless! Sorry bud, nice try.

  5. There’s always so much we want to say but don’t. I think we should suffer the consequences and say whatever we need to. In the end it feels much better saying too much than not saying anything but desperately wanting to. After we lose someone we always think of the things we could have said, just do it, just go for it. Say what is needed.

  6. I wish I had an albino bunny.

  7. Look at this ant, he’s a mighty ant.

  8. No Bliss

    The pain I cause to others is collecting like bottles on a shelf for all to see.
    The sacrificial elements are seemingly persisting daily,
    The worms that squirm through my mind alter my better judgment, 
    Making the pain I cause become more abundant. 

  9. My model edit (Top) Original (Bottom)

  10. This City

    There’s so much that reminds me of him, of them. Of the ones I have loved and lost. So much pain locked in this city, it clutches it tightly and let’s the blood escape through it’s fingers. The city holds in it’s grasps all the tears I spilt onto it’s gravel, the sorrow that I’ve felt as I walked the streets and the pain as I collapsed on the curb. But this city, in the other hand loosely holds the love I have met in this city, the adventures that I’ve experienced through the town, the happiness I’ve felt in it’s walls and the curiosity that I once had blowing in the wind. This city is disastrous and unwelcoming but with that is somehow peaceful in a deranged sort of way. This city, filled with pain and hurt, was caused by the love and joy that I once found within it’s barriers. Making this once curious city into a beautiful mess that I need to escape.